Vote for Settlement

Whakatōhea Maurua

Voting opens for settlement on the 15th of October 2022. Be part of history and our future voting Yes for Settlement. Make your vote count. Find out how to cast your vote here.


Whakatōhea Settlement


This is a monumental moment in Te Whakatōhea journey to settlement. For the first time, in history, all Whakatōhea whanau have the right to vote and have their say on the settlement of Whakatōhea treaty claims.


Our Future

Te Tāwharau o Te Whakatōhea

By voting yes to Settlement you will also vote to establish Te Tāwharau o te Whakatōhea as the Post Settlement Group Entity (PSGE), responsible for the management of the Settlement assets as well as the assets of the WhakatōheaMāori Trust Board.


E roi Te Whakatōhea i te roi a tinirau.

Whakatōhea united by kinship.