Petition to remove Te Ūpokorehe from Te Whakatōhea

Jun 26, 2022 | latest

What is the ‘TUTCT Petition’

Te Ūpokorehe Treaty Claims Trust (TUTCT) has circulated a petition asking Te Whakatōhea to support the removal of Te Ūpokorehe claims, whenua, and sacred sites from the Whakatōhea settlement. They state it is because they aren’t and have never been Whakatōhea, that their whakapapa is different to Te Whakatōhea, and they have never been represented on the Whakatōhea Pre-Settlement Claims Trust.

The statements made in the petition information don’t represent our shared whakapapa, history, the nature of our relationships, or the involvement of Te Ūpokorehe in negotiating the Whakatōhea Settlement over the last 5 years of negotiations.

Here is a link to a presentation on the petition and the impact on Settlement

Here is a link to a ZUI we held in June 2022 with whānau that discussed the petition


What happens now? 

On the 28th July 2022 voting opens and you will be asked whether you support the removal of Te Ūpokorehe from our Iwi. Our Ūpokorehe whānau tell us they know who they are and where they come from, they are tūturu Te Ūpokorehe, and tūturu Whakatōhea. 

It is now up to our Iwi, who get to vote on this historic occasion. To keep our Iwi together, or to break us apart and forever change who Whakatōhea is. 

We encourage you to Vote NO on your voting form. 

Who is Te Ūpokorehe Treaty Claims Trust (TUTCT)?

TUTCT were initially set up to support ngā uri of Te Ūpokorehe in the advancement of Treaty Claim matters for the hapū. For example, in 2011 TUTCT wrote to advise Tūhoe that:

“Te Ūpokorehe has been a functioning member of the Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board since the passing of the Māori Trust Board in 1955, Since then it has consistently re affirmed its allegiance to Te Whakatōhea.”                              

It is important to note that TUTCT did not go through a mandate process with Te Ūpokorehe members and does not have the support of many of our Ūpokorehe whānau. We feel for them and their mamae as their whakapapa is being challenged. You can read some Te Ūpokorehe whānau comments later in this pānui.

TUTCT Claims & WPCT Response

TUTCT Claims

WPCT Response

Te Ūpokorehe aren’t and have never been Whakatōhea

  • Te Ūpokorehe were included in the Opape Native Reserve (1871) as a hapū of Whakatōhea. Opape No4 was the Ūpokorehe Hapū block.
  • Te Ūpokorehe contributed to the six Whakatōhea petitions requesting investigations into raupatu and land loss.
  • Te Ūpokorehe have been included in the Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board (WMTB) and Whakatōhea tribal database since inception (1952).
  • During the Tūhoe  settlement process TUTCT sent a letter to the Crown (2011) reiterating that Te Ūpokorehe is a hapū of Whakatōhea.
  • Currently over 1700 Te Ūpokorehe on the WMTB Register.

Whakapapa and claims are distinct from Whakatōhea

  • Te Ūpokorehe and Ngāti Rua both descent from Muriwai’s eldest son Repanga.
  • Te Ūpokorehe arises from Taikurere, which originally related to an event and a whānau, before being adopted by a broader grouping as a hapū of Whakatōhea.
  • Waitangi Tribunal Report WAI2662 (2018) declared it was reasonable for Te Ūpokorehe to be included in the Whakatōhea mandate.
  • All historical claims of Te Ūpokorehe members lodged in the Waitangi Tribunal describe Te Ūpokorehe as part of Whakatōhea and/or refer to whakapapa to Muriwai and/or Tūtāmure.

Te Ūpokorehe haven’t been represented on WPCT

  • Bruce Pukepuke – Te Ūpokorehe hapū Kutarere marae delegate
  • Keita Hudson –Te Ūpokorehe hapū Maromahue marae delegate
  • Muriwai Kahaki – Te Ūpokorehe hapū delegate
  • Vacant – Roimata marae (since 2016)

Object to Te Ūpokorehe whenua being given to Whakatōhea

  • Whakatōhea hapū were removed from our traditional lands from Waiaua river to Maraetotara.
  • Whakatōhea pā extends from Pakihikura (river mouth) to Waiotahi River. This includes Paerata, Otore and Taumata Kahawai.
  • Once Settlement is complete, whenua can be passed from Te Tāwharau o Te Whakatōhea to hapū as the kaitiaki of those areas.


Whakatōhea tūpuna

It is our whakapapa that links all the 6 hapū of Whakatōhea together, including Te Ūpokorehe. It was our tūpuna that chose Whakatōhea as the name of our Iwi on the basis of whakapapa that linked us as one. 

The chart displayed above sits in the Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board meeting room, reinforcing relationships between our hapū. There are also pou representing each hapū as well as photos of the foundation Trustees. These relationships are reinforced by our whakapapa and visible in the whakairo at our marae. We are all whānau.

Kia ngākau māhaki tātou i a tātou.


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