PSGE Names For Consideration

Sep 16, 2020 | latest

Kia ora whānau 

Through our previous survey round, the PSGE names that were chosen were not resonating with whānau as much as we would have liked, so we have gone back out and collated the final three names that we hope will. 

These names have come from Whakatōhea through hui or kōrero, with the Taumata Kaumatua and the WPCT Trustees chosing the final three for consideration by whānau. 

This is an important decision, a survey will be sent out seeking your feedback, so please take your time and choose the name you feel will best represent Whakatōhea post settlement. 

If you have not recieved the link by 23/09/20, click here to be taken to the survey.  


Survey Names for Consideration


  • PSGE Name 1: Whakatōhea Taurahere

The name Whakatōhea has been presented on the 1st instance as a powerful statement that acknowledges our identity, it is who I am, the way I think, the way I behave as Whakatōhea, the way I am viewed by the world and the characteristics I portray.

The name resonates with our history of being resilient and strong, challenging and purposeful.  It reminds us of our past, focus us on the current and prepares us for the future, it is the (Korowai) that has many strands woven by many hands and many voices of Te Whakatōhea 

Each strand links and connects our people at home Ahi ka and those who have ventured further on life’s journey.

Each strand represents Te hā (the breath) our life, our whakapapa, our whānau, our hapū, everything we connected to in nature it is us and we are it.

Ko au te uri o te Whakatōhea Taurahere
The rope woven by many hands – past, present and by the many hands in the future.
Te Taura here tangata, here whanau, here hapū.
The rope that unites the people unite whānau, unite hapū
Te Taura here – wairua, whakaaro, hinengaro, tikanga
The rope that unites us spiritually, aspirational our values

  • PSGE Name 2: Te Teo Whenua o Whakatōhea 

‘Teo’ is the pou responsible for holding the waka when it is on the water. E.g - Muriwai tō ringa te waka. When the Mataatua waka began to drift out to see, she infact became a Teo or in other words the Pou and is the true representation of its meaning. It also represents stability, trustworthiness and authenticity.

‘Whenua’ to represent our mana whenua in this area but also represent the creation of life and our connection to Papa-tua-nuku.

‘Whakatōhea’ - is for our Iwi and to represent ngā uri whakaheke o Muriwai rāua ko Tamatea-Matangi. 

  • PSGE Name 3: Toherauariki

The literal meaning of Toherauariki is “We descend from 100 chiefly lines, striving to attain and maintain the legacy that our leaders have given us”.

Te Whakatōhea be resilient in our struggle to regain our autonomy, to navigate our destiny. Te Whakatōhea we are a noble people, stand proud, build on the legacy of our forebears and determine the Te Whakatōhea future.



There were 2 names put forward and sent out to whānau in the previous survey. Through hui and feedback, we found that these names didn't resonate with whānau as much as we would have liked which is why we have come up with 3 more options above. We had one name that was preferred by the survey respondents, and one that was preferred by the Taumata Kaumatua. 

The names that were profiled previously were: 

  • Te Akeake o Whakatōhea. 
  • Te Rūnanganui o Whakatōhea



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