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Jun 22, 2020 | latest

Kia ora whānau 

Today we wanted to talk about the Whakatōhea Historic Account. 

The main purpose of the Historical Account is to show the historical relationship between Whakatōhea and the Crown. It is the information that is used in negotiations that the Crown admitted without dispute that their treatment of Whakatōhea was of the most egregious in nature. 

The Historical Account in this context, is NOT, a full and complete history of Whakatōhea, but a concise history of Whakatōhea and its raupatu for the specific purpose of being part of the Deed of Settlement and the grounds on which the Crowns apology would be based. 

Neither is the Historical Account supposed to replace the Waitangi Tribunal report. It will in no way affect this process which is currently being worked through by the Crown and claimants. 

The Historical Account has been developed from various research reports (click here for a link to these reports) and verified with our whānau on the Komiti Whiriwhiri Hitori over the past few years. We are now looking to get feedback from you to add to the draft report. 

Again, this is not the entire history of Whakatōhea but it is an important component of the Settlement process as this account will sit within the Deed of Settlement and will be the basis by which the Crown acknowledges any breaches to the Treaty and creates an Apology.

The Historical Account is currently being drafted at the moment and you have the chance to read it and suggest additions via the WPCT trustees or the Komiti Whiriwhiri Hītori. Click here to read the report.

Once you have read the report, if you have any comments or suggestions, please click here and fill out our form on our Historical Report page. 

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