Whakatōhea Seeks Iwi Aspirations for Settlement

Whakatōhea Seeks Iwi Aspirations for Settlement

Whakatohea commenced their workshops with a Hui a Iwi at Terere Marae on Saturday 01 April.

The presentation is broken into 2 segments, the first segment is to inform the people on the
process and road to settlement and the 2nd segment is the workshop to invite discussion on what
is important for them in achieving settlement as well as to seek our peoples vision and aspirations
for the future post settlement.

90% of our people live outside the rohe with the majority within the greater Bay of Plenty , Waikato
and Auckland we need to canvas their ideas and their dreams (wawata) going forward.

Presentation workshops will be also held in Whakatane , Rotorua, Tauranga , Hamilton, Auckland
and Wellington kicking off this week, and again in the months of May and July.

Whakatōhea appointed negotiator Maui Hudson recording iwi aspirations at the Hui a Iwi on Saturday 1 April. Dave Ngatai (Ngai Tama hapū representative) and Jason Kurei (Opeke marae representative) in the background. 

91.6% Whakatōhea Iwi vote in favour of Mandate for Settlement Negotiation

Whakatohea Iwi were asked to vote on the resolution to approve the Pre Settlement Claims Trust to
represent Whakatohea in direct negotiations with the Crown. That vote was undertaken through a
process as approved by an earlier vote by the Iwi. 91.6 % of those that voted , voted in favour of the

The process leading into the final validation and approval by Iwi and the Crown of the Trust was
robust and inclusive leading up to the vote, that resulted in the Crown approving the Deed of

Iwi are represented on the Trust through 1 position for each Marae and 1 position for each of the 6
Hapu, there is also one seat for the Whakatohea Maori Trust Board which also is representative of
the 6 Hapu. All Hapu are represented at the Trust table bar 1 Upokorehe Hapu rep and all Marae
are represented bar Roimata and Opape at this stage. The Hapu delegate for Ngati Ira is currently
going through the appointment process due to the inaugural member resigning through personal

The opportunity to engage and inform the settlement negotiations is now just commencing with the
first Hui a Iwi having being held on the 5th of March and the next Hui a Iwi to be held on the 1st of
April at Terere Marae, as well as hui in Whakatane , Rotorua Tauranga, Hamilton , Auckland and
Wellington commencing the week of 04 April.

A Whakatohea Claims Committee has been established and meets twice a month which provides for
each WAI claimant to have representation and direct access to negotiators. We encourage
claimants to attend and have their say.

Those that have asked for an urgent hearing are challenging the Crown in their decision to approve
the Deed of Mandate for the Whakatohea Pre Settlement Claims Trust. The Trust will continue on its
engagement and feed back hui with Iwi members to seek their aspirations for the future as well as
feedback on redress for Whakatohea.