Kia ora e te whānau – we’ve had some questions about the upcoming election of Trustees from Ngāti Patu and Ngāti Rua around eligibility to vote if they are not recorded on the roll of beneficiaries maintained by the Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board. We are holding elections for Ngāti Patu and Ngāti Rua as they each had more than one nomination for the position of Hapū representative on the Whakatōhea Pre-Settlement Claims Trust.

Please see clarification below from Election Services, the Independent Chief Returning Officer, on this.

“If an adult member is not recorded on the roll of beneficiaries maintained by WMTB, but wishes to vote in the election of Trustees, that person must:

  1. Complete an application for registration on the roll of beneficiaries maintained by WMTB, and submit a voting paper, and
  2. If the registration is validated, then the Chief Returning Officer will accept and count the vote.

Election Services can then send out “special packs” to each applicant, and they must return their registration form with their vote. Election Services will then scan and email the registration forms to you, for validation.

This is covered under clause 6.3 of the Second Schedule in the WPCT Trust Deed.

Note, if the applicant wants to vote in the trustee election, but does not want to be registered on the WMTB database, they must still fill in the registration form (and vote) with enough detail for the whakapapa committee to validate them. They will need to mark on the registration form that they don’t wish for their details to be kept by WMTB on the database. If this occurs, the Chief Returning Officer and the whakapapa committee are entitled to hold the applicant’s details for voting purposes and the validation purposes. Once complete, the applicant’s details are then destroyed.

If you have any questions relating to the Trustee Elections, please contact Election Services (Returning Office) on 0800 922 822, or email, as they are running this process.