Nominations for WPCT Hapū representatives are now open.

WPCT is initiating an open and independent voting process, consistent with the WPCT Trust Deed, to elect the Hapū representatives. Election Services has been appointed as the Chief Returning Officer to co-ordinate the voting process for Hapū Trustee Elections.

The Nomination Form is available for download on our website. Download the form here. You can also request a nomination form by contacting the Returning Officer – 0800 922 822 or All forms must be with the Returning Officer no later than 12 noon Thursday 19 September 2019.

If there is more than one nomination from any hapū, an election will be held on Tuesday 29 October 2019. If an election is required, voting papers will be issued from Monday 30 September 2019 to eligible registered adult members of Whakatōhea.

The Trust provides for representation by 15 trustees. This includes 1 trustee from each of the 6 Whakatōhea hapū (Ngai Tamahaua, Ngāti Rua, Ngāti Patumoana, Ngāti Ngahere, Ngāti Ira, Upokorehe) respectively, 1 trustee appointed by each of the 8 Whakatōhea Marae (Opape, Omarumutu, Waiaua, Terere, Opeke, Maromahue, Kutarere, Roimata), and 1 trustee appointed by the Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board.

More information on WPCT Hapū Trustee Elections can be found here.

Please note, the Marae representatives will also go through their own selection process, which will be managed through their respective marae committees. Please refer to clause 6.4 (b) and (c) of the WPCT Trust Deed for more detail on this process. The Trust Deed can be accessed here.