• Transfer of sites totalling over 6,692 ha
    • Chapter in the Bay of Plenty CMS covering 83,000 ha
    • Cultural Materials Plan and DecisionMaking Framework
    • RFR over Crown land in Whakatōhea rohe
    • Reserve Land Development Fund (Opape & Hiwarau)
    • Statutory acknowledgements over certain waterways
    • Up to 5,000 ha reserved for aquaculture development near Opotiki
    • Marine and harbour development fund that includes support for a resource application by Whakatōhea
    • Offer to make Ohiwa Harbour Implementation Forum permanent (subject to agreement of Forum)
    • Commitments from the Tertiary Education Commission to work with Whakatōhea
    • Education Endowment Fund
    • Te Reo Revitalisation Fund
    • Cultural Revitalisation Fund
    • Return of key sites potentially suitable for cultural development
    • Relationship redress with government agencies and Ministers
Reserve lands development fund
Cultural revitalisation fund
Te Reo revitalisation fund
Education endowment fund
Marine and harbour development fund
$ 100,000,000

The opportunity of the Settlement and how it can support our community and generations to come is significant. We would be able to immediately support our marae through the Cultural Revitalisation Fund, and invest in te reo revitalisation, education scholarships, and land development initiatives.

A key component of the Settlement is the Crown Apology, Crown Acknowledgements and the Historical Account. Our kuia and kaumatua told us that hearing the Crowns apology at the initialling of the Deed of Settlement was an overwhelming, emotional experience. They had waited a long time to hear those words.

The Ōpōtiki District Council will also return the following land blocks to Te Whakatōhea. The recreation reserves will continue to be managed by the ODC and we will create a Joint Management Board to manage our respective properties along the Tirohanga dunes.



We will also be able to express our kaitiakitanga across the water catchments and the conservation estate in our rohe through the following

The Whakatōhea Kaitiaki Forum will be established with representation from all our hapu, EnvBOP, ODC, and a standing invitation to the Department of Conservation. The Whakatōhea Kaitiaki Forum will have a primary focus on maintaining te mauri o te wai and te mana o te wai across the river catchments, with an ability to put into place Joint Management Agreements.

The Whakatōhea Chapter in the BOP Conservation Management Strategy informs conservation management across our rohe. Co-authoring this chapter allows us to inform the Department of Conservations management strategy within our rohe. This will also be enhanced by the Relationship Agreement that we have with DOC that ensures we are involved in decision-making around concessions, and gives us access to cultural materials.

To read more about the whenua coming back to Te Whakatōhea for the Deed of Settlement property redress. View here »


Mana Tangata focuses on initiatives that support the development of our people and culture and will maintain the continued growth of our Iwi.

  • Commitments from the Tertiary Education Commission to work with Whakatōhea
  • Education Endowment Fund
  • Te Reo Revitalisation Fund
  • Cultural Revitalisation Fund
  • Relationship Agreements with Government Agencies includes process of engagement after completion of Waitangi Tribunal report

A key focus for our people was education and gaining the skills necessary to get good jobs. This will be supported through an education endowment fund and the first ever Settlement relationship with the Tertiary Education Commission.

Revitalisation of Te Reo and Culture were also key themes for whānau, so there are specific initiatives to support Te Reo initiatives and support for Whakatōhea marae.

To find our more information on the Settlement please click here to read the Ratification Brochure